We cannot control everything that happens to us but we can have control over how we react.

Using evidence based * Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help many issues including:

Anxiety & Panic – Cognitive Hypnotherapy is proven to be effective in reducing anxiety and feelings of panic by helping you to discover how to take control of these feelings and turn them around to help you feel calm and in control

Confidence and self-esteem – With a variety of tools and techniques I can help you replace old negative feelings and give you the means to develop confidence in who you are and how you operate in the world

Confident Childbirth – personalised Hypnobirthing helping you to feel calm and confident during pregnancy and labour .

Depression – Helping you to identify and resolve issues that may contribute to depression using hypnosis, relaxation and positive visualisations I can help you towards a happier more positive outlook. 

Phobias – Can be surprisingly easy to resolve. Often our mind and body has built up an overreactive response to something such as spiders which is generally linked to something quite minor in the past that the brain has amplified out of proportion. I can help to free you from this  negative pattern of behaviour.

Weight loss – Many reasons why we eat  are not to do with hunger but with patterns of thought and behaviour. Using self-hypnosis and self-understanding I can help you find a path to a healthier happier life


* Cognitive hypnotherapy is an evidence based therapy –  https://www.qchpa.com/evidence-based-therapy/ 

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