Confident Childbirth

I have been a Hypnobirthing practitioner since 2007. I also have a wide range of other skills as a fully trained Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and Yoga teacher. Alongside Hypnobrthing I am able to help with hospital or needle phobia, anxiety, panic attacks and poor sleep. I use techniques to help you feel calm and confident in your own abilities to have the best birth possible.

Pregnancy should be a time of optimism and joy, unfortunately our society can often have a negative approach which is unfounded and of no help to a new Mum to be.

In one to one sessions with you/ you and your partner, I use Hypnotherapy which has been personalised and recorded for you to use at home and /or during birthing. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), collapsing negative thought patterns ,Emotional Freedom Technique to help put you in control of your emotions. Also learning self hypnosis and pain relief techniques. The synergy of these tools make this a strong and positive therapy bringing benefits and skills that can be used for birth and beyond.

I recommend three sessions £70 each or prepaid for three at £180
(refunds given if baby makes a surprise appearance!)
If there are financial difficulties different payment plans can be arranged.