Cat…”Seeing Ruth ahead of the birth of my second child is easily one of the best things I have ever done. After a fairly awful first birth, I was determined to have a homebirth for my second and to do without any pain relief. With a big thanks to Ruth I was fully dilated before I even felt labour pains and my baby was born at home with just gas and air in the active stage.

Ruth took time to understand my fears, and the root of them and taught me techniques to help me overcome them. Everything was personalised to me and if one technique didn’t work, or wasn’t my cup of tea, there was another to try.

The techniques I was taught, whilst being for birth, have helped me overcome other fears and cope with difficult situations, just one example being that I recently held a tarantula (and enjoyed it), despite having a lifelong fear of spiders. I still use the techniques in many stressful situations to keep myself calm.

Ruth is very honest and open about what could and could not be achieved and is a lovely person; there was no judgement with anything I said, just a genuine desire to help.

I’m looking forward to seeing Ruth again for some of the other services she offers.”

August 2019
I have suffered with Anxiety for several years and was never brave enough before to speak to anyone about it. When I was at my lowest point, I googled and found Ruth. I nearly cancelled my first appointment as it was getting closer but stuck with it and I’m so glad I did! After each session, I walked out feeling a lot better than before I went in.

Ruth is so lovely and has helped me massively! She always listened to what I was saying with no judgement and personalised all techniques to my specific needs.

If anyone is feeling like they’re not sure whether to seek help, please book yourself an appointment with Ruth! It’s daunting to open up about the things that scare you but Ruth makes it easier!

September 2019

Joanna…. I saw Ruth about my anxiety which had gotten out of control. I had about 4 sessions with her and I’m doing much better. I’m so glad she was able to help me.She’s so warm and welcoming which made me less nervous. I really appreciate all the help she gave me and would 100% recommend her. Thanks Ruth!

October 19 -Debbie

My daughter (11 years old) was suffering from stress and anxiety related stomach problems.  I contacted Ruth after counselling was not for my daughter and I had heard good things about hypnotherapy.  My daughter was very nervous initially, but Ruth welcomed her into her home, did a puzzle with her and made her feel comfortable so that I was able to leave her.

When I returned, she was smiling and looked very happy and relaxed.  Ruth had chat with me about what had happened.  My daughter went for 2 more sessions.  On her second visit she could not wait to go and see her new friend ‘Ruth’!  After her 3rd and final session my daughter seemed as if a huge weight had been lifted off of her little shoulders.  If my daughter has anymore concerns, worries, anxiety or stress I will certainly be returning to Ruth.