Cognitive Hypnotherapy
Evidence based-

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy I combine a variety of  techniques including among others ,NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming) , EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) personalised hypnotherapy, written for and about you specifically. You are treated  as a unique, whole individual, not just the label that people may use to describe a problem.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy looks at patterns of thoughts and behaviour , collapsing negative thought patterns and replacing them with positives. This has a positive effect on our overall physical and mental health . 

So whether it is lack of self esteem, anxiety, depression, weight, hang ups from childhood, phobias, exam stress or  any negative thought pattern, together we can unravel the triggers and reactions and replace them with positives helping you get these thoughts and feelings under your control –

 Putting you back in charge of your life and giving you peace of mind.

 I produce bespoke hypnotherapy sessions written specifically for and about you . The hypnotherapy sessions are recorded and given to you to help back up the therapy session we have done together. 

I am also a Reiki practitioner and often include distance Reiki for my clients whilst working with them to enhance our work together.

Please use this link to read our Perception magazine with many articles concerning Cognitive Hypnotherapy and mental health generally: