How will Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing help me in pregnancy and labour?


How will Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing help me in pregnancy and labour?

Our thoughts are extremely powerful, whether they are helpful or negative. If you imagine having a nightmare, you might wake and your body may be tense, you might be trying to scream, perhaps hot and sweating. Nothing has actually happened, just your thoughts.

Think about that for a moment…just your thoughts…generating that chemical process in your body of fight or flight, creating a surge of cortisol, adrenaline and many other stress hormones.

Why is it important?

If your thoughts begin to create anxiety and fear the body may go into “Fight or Flight”. The brain decides it may not be safe to give birth and reduces or stops Oxytocin.

One of the main actions of Oxytocin is to stimulate the uterine muscles to contract and also to increase production of prostaglandins which increase contractions further.

If anxiety reduces Oxytocin production, this makes labour more difficult, which can result in more fear ,creating a vicious circle and making the need for intervention more likely.

The tools to help you keep Oxytocin flowing

NLP, EFT and Hypnobirthing combined create a powerful and positive synergy that will give you the skills to feel calm and in control of all that you can be.

As our thoughts create our reality, these sessions are about you, your thought processes, and your baby. This is your birth.

In the first session, I teach you how to put yourself into a state of self- hypnosis, which can sound a little strange and a bit “ woowoo”  but it really  isn’t. It’s how to put yourself into a state of deep relaxation at will. Deep Relaxation allows Oxytocin to continue to be created by the body.

Hypnosis is a little like the feeling just before you fall to sleep or a Yoga Nidra. Afterwards I send you a copy of the recording which you can use at home to help you practice.

In the following 2-3 sessions alongside more hypnotherapy sessions (also recorded and sent to you) I teach techniques and methods to deal with both pain and anxiety. These tools can be useful to you throughout life not just pregnancy and childbirth. EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique can also be extremely useful for anxiety and can be included if you wish. As I said, everything is worked around you and your needs.

                                               Medical Outcomes:

  • Reduced need for pain medication
  • Reduced medication = reduction of post-operative effects for Mum and baby
  • No depression of respiratory or circulatory functions in Mum or baby
  • Shorter labour minimises maternal exhaustion
  • Reduced incidence of forceps, ventouse, Caesarean Section
  • Promotes higher Apgar score
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Reduces incidence of post-natal depression
  • Promotes lactation

I’m not a sales person. I genuinely just really want to help people have a better birth experience, and our society can be very negative about childbirth. And that can be really detrimental to the woman’s outlook on what birth should be like. And it breaks my heart that people have such difficult experiences at times, that really could have been reduced or prevented altogether had they’ve taken given themselves that time and that self-care to be as prepared as possible for labour. Below are some words that I have received from clients I have worked with. And I think they speak louder, perhaps than anything I can say:

Sian : I cannot thank Ruth enough for the support she gave me during my pregnancy and leading up to my birth. I was extremely anxious, experiencing panic attacks. A combination of pregnancy and coronavirus fears. The techniques and recording she provided me with became invaluable in my final weeks of pregnancy to get me through the day. In the end my established labour was only 2 hours and I can honestly say I could not have had a better birth experience; I could not have achieved this without Ruth.

I remember the midwife kept saying to me how calm I was.. I was able to slow down at the end to avoid too much damage and take it slow. Afterwards I was just absolutely shell shocked at what had just happened, how well it went, how quick and how really it was everything I had wanted it to be.


Cat…”Seeing Ruth ahead of the birth of my second child is easily one of the best things I have ever done. After a fairly awful first birth, I was determined to have a homebirth for my second and to do without any pain relief. With a big thanks to Ruth I was fully dilated before I even felt labour pains and my baby was born at home with just gas and air in the active stage.

Ruth took time to understand my fears, and the root of them and taught me techniques to help me overcome them. Everything was personalised to me and if one technique didn’t work, or wasn’t my cup of tea, there was another to try.

The techniques I was taught, whilst being for birth, have helped me overcome other fears and cope with difficult situations, just one example being that I recently held a tarantula (and enjoyed it), despite having a lifelong fear of spiders. I still use the techniques in many stressful situations to keep myself calm.

Ruth is very honest and open about what could and could not be achieved and is a lovely person; there was no judgement with anything I said, just a genuine desire to help.

I’m looking forward to seeing Ruth again for some of the other services she offers.”

Sharon : Listening to your recordings were the only thing that got me to sleep during those last weeks. I fell asleep every time!

I work online or face to face (Covid rules dependant) and can work either with Mum or Mum and birth partner.

For a no obligation chat to discuss any aspect of Confident Childbirth Hypno birthing, then please ring me 07877 648634 or email me

For more information and the Confident Childbirth Practitioner register please go to:


Here are some study results for professional Hypnosis for childbirth:

Welsh 5 year study:

Average length of first stage of labour for primigravid women: 6.4 hours after hypnosis,9.3 hours in control group

Parous women (had a previous birth) : 5.3 hours compared to 6.2 hours

Pain relief first baby:  50%+ had more than 100g of pethidine, compared with less than 10% of hypnotherapy group

Pain relief more than 100g pethidine for parous women: nearly 60% for controls /33% for hypnosis group


Toronto. Self-referred first-time mothers, low risk who had four 2.5-hour hypnosis sessions compared to similar controls:

Epidural rates 40-95% (depending on the hospital) / 18% for hypnotised group

Caesarean rates: 20-25% /6.7% hypnotherapy group

Average length of labour First baby no hypnotherapy 12 hours. Hypnotherapy group 5.5 hours























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